About Me 


Restoring beauty and harmony through self love and human nature 


Crystals are my kinfolk 


Smoke is my love language  


Passion is my birthright 


Bravery is my beacon 


I arrived at accepting these aspects of myself through a number of crazy beautiful life experiences that became impossible to ignore in 2014 when I began to recognize my life as a series of journeys all leading to my true self: love. 


We all have different lessons, aspects, languages and experiences of love and we  certainly all deserve it. That’s my true belief. I love and let love, you know. This way of life has led me to living out a knowing within me that won’t let up: I have a natural gift for working with others to tap into their love’s purpose. Yes, love has a purpose for our lives and I think that’s pretty amazing. I also know that it is transformative.



“Since love grows within you,

Beauty grows within you too,

Because love is the beauty of the soul.”

~St Augustine