Advisor or Adversary?: Choosing The Right Tarot Reader for You

Updated: May 12, 2020

The Tarot card system is a beautiful tool of self discovery for individuals and for readers helping others with their discoveries. I am a tarot and oracle reader (obvs) and I've had a few interesting readings from others. I have noticed two very distinctive types of readers from my personal readings as well as readings on social media outlets, tv, etc. that I think are important to be aware of to insure that we as querents get the reading that truly benefits us, leading to solutions.

The first key to getting to a great reading that makes waves is determining whether you are looking for an advisor or an adversary to deliver the messages from the cards.

The Advisor is the one that sees the cards for more than their traditional meanings. This is probably the biggest indicator in which type of reader you are dealing with. This reader has more to offer you than you can look up in a guidebook. Things you hadn't even considered come to the forefront and it is more than the usual "you need to change your life" or "you must make a decision" situation with this reader.

Let's reference the Four of Swords tarot card below to understand this reader better. There is a man lying down with a sword beneath him and three hanging above on the wall in the Waite-Smith tarot decks. The man appears to be sleeping or perhaps, meditating. The Advisor may tell you that rest is needed or that you may need to withdraw from certain activities, depending on the surrounding cards. The Advisor is likely to ask you if this is true and the two of you discuss how it shows up in your life to make. Your reader makes intuitive suggestions for how to readily transition into the rest/reflection needed. This reader may also draw more cards to find the best ways for you to get into your rest. You complete your reading with a plan of action that is reasonable and achievable, inspired and aware that you are supported by your guides, Spirit, and your reader that wants to see you win.

Let's continue to reference the four of swords card to understand the Adversary. This reader draws this card and tells you that you need rest. This reader goes on to tell you that the surrounding cards indicate that you work too hard and then tells you to be careful because this could lead to poor health, not because the reading indicated this but because they said so. The messages continue to come through as if they are factual and when you try to explain what you think is indicated you're told that you need to be more open up to receive this supposed truth. It becomes apparent your thoughts aren't welcome and that the reader sees you as someone meant to listen to them doing their thing.

Don't read me like an Atlanta housewife would, read me like someone who wants me to win!

Unlike the Advisor, you may find that the Adversary has later gone on social media to make posts about how clients don't like the truth, about how they don't sugarcoat, that the cards don't lie, or something that came directly from your session (though they would deny it saying they have so many clients its crazy to assume they are speaking about you). The air of knowing (and/or being) better than you that you intuitively felt (and ignored) in the beginning has manifested and sprouted fruit as your money clears in their account and you are no farther along than where you began.

The Advisor may at most, make mention of the topic you're struggling with, realizing it is valid and can help others in ways that reminds you that you are not alone and also supported. It would not feel pointed, nor would it be personal; you would see this reader cares for this issue and wants to help remedy it. This spirals you into feeling blessed, encouraged, nourished, and maybe even considering ways you can help others once you've finished helping yourself. This is fruit that bears into infinitude.

May your readings be blessed and your readers too.

Cover Image from The Veleda Wood Tarot

Four Of Swords Image from