An Abundance Tale

Wanna hear an abundance story?

When I was 14 I worked a summer job that would last 6 weeks. I made a little over 100 bills a week and that was everything to me at 14. As the job was ending and I’d be returning to school soon, my mother hit me completely out of left field saying “so what are you gonna do about your school clothes for this year? You thought you were gonna work and I was gonna buy your clothes?”

My entire heart sank. I’d spent most of my money, as she knew and what I had wasn’t enough for a sophomore year wardrobe. I thought damn another school year looking a mess since she barely bought me any clothes the previous semesters. Damn! Isn’t it enough that I have to keep these braids in my head for months on end until you feel like spending money on me? They already clown me behind my back on the regular over that. Fuck! Not the clothes another year too.

A couple weeks later my aunt and her friend were planning to do their usual outlet shopping out of town. I asked if I could tag along because although I knew I wouldn’t be able to get much with what I had, it would be better than nothing.

I still remember how pitiful I was in the backseat of the car wanting to cry but wishing and hoping to find everything I needed. I believed in my true desires making things happen, so I was wishing hard ok lol. We got there and I was checking tags pitifully and my aunt asked me if I just came along for the ride because I hadn’t gotten much.

I told her I didn’t have enough reluctantly because if it got back that I made that known there would be smoke, but what did I really have to lose? She asked how much my mom gave me and I told her that I only had a couple hundred dollars to buy clothes and shoes and I didn’t know how to spread it out. She was quiet for a minute and then she started picking up a few things for me and putting them in her cart.

We got over to the shoe section, which I was dreading, since I wear a size 11 and always had a hard time finding the shoes I liked in my size (or just cute shoes period). I decided to look anyway and there was a plethora of beautiful spring colored, multi designed Keds shoes in size 11. My guess is they didn’t sell in stores on account of the size and they were right there at the JC Penney outlet just for me.

I knew it was my wishing working again. They were marked down between $2-4 a pair. I bought 13 pairs of shoes so happy that I’d be able to build a whole wardrobe around a few pairs of jeans, a few tops over the course of the year, and my cute shoes.

I wore those shoes and they perfectly matched every dress my aunt bought me from New York and Company (then Lerner’s New York) and I was cute the whole year with what I had. Off of that I became Iyshia, the Weird Girl wearing one hot pink and one lime green shoe. And sometimes one colorful flowered shoe and one colorful dotted shoe.

So a lot of folks rock dirty chucks; however I will *always* be a Keds girl at soul.

The End.