Full Moon In Scorpio: Nothing Ever Really Dies

With everything currently going on in the world, many people have began internal evaluations that can no longer be avoided. Many have celebrated having the time to practice self love and awareness; however, the discovery of what lies beneath the surface of self may have been completely different from what was expected.

As with all things, there is paradox, the relatively desirable and undesirable of it all. One may think, 'how could I possibly find anything undesirable when holding the intention of loving myself?" It is the aspects of ourselves that have been tucked away or buried alive that rise first, being the aspects that need the most love and attention. These are not external ghosts and demons, these are parts of us that show what becomes of the broken hearted.

Nothing ever really dies. We may ignore and bypass parts of our being; however, they are still very much alive, wishing and hoping to be acknowledged as being just as real as the more favorable parts. How can we achieve love without loving ourselves entirely? They must be heard, they must be held and the roots must be tended.

This is where our Ancestors come in. My Grandfather, the kindest man I'd ever known as a child, has been coming through in my dreams lately. My dreams have been in school settings in which I am preparing for graduation and he was there as if to guide me through into my next level. I understand that he is a guide into my ascension, especially because of his desire for my greatness that he carried on into his afterlife.

He has been urging me to write, to express my truths and the important messages I receive for others. He knows firsthand that I have been discouraged by those nearest and dearest in our lineage for many years and also that I have finally, truly, forgiven and released moving into a deeper level of my self and love.

He has shown up to teach me how to overcome, just as he had to in his upbringing. I am still his favorite girl; he is still my biggest supporter and he will not let me lose myself as he feels he did in his time living. He has learned, so have I, and together we now walk on the waters of the Scorpio Full Moon realizing while releasing the pain for pleasure. We don't believe it dies, we believe it shifts by our strongest desire, love.

I love you Daddy!

Iyshia, aka Snapdragon, aka Skooner Skooner, aka Foots