Our Ancestors: The Light And Dark Sides Of Our Moon

Creation. Humble beginnings. Destruction. Necessary endings. These are a few words to describe the light captured for all to see and be. It is no wonder the Moon is often called GrandMother, she is a keeper of us all, those seen and not yet revealed. Our Moon leads by example and changes the world by remaining in her truth. She reigns on the perceived just and assumed unjust as the continuous change we want to see in the world.

Grandmother Moon is gray and white like the wisdom on the heads of the Elders, the ashes of ceremonial tobacco, the smoke of sage leaves, or the asés we rise from. She holds the wisdom and memories of those who have passed/past on, and the birthrights of all newness to come. It is no wonder we see her reflection in the Womb, or is it the Womb whom she reflects? Either way, we are created in this image indeed.

Each month we find new opportunity in our wombs, and proof of life as we wane, as we bleed. Here, in this realness, we find a portal to the Ancestors and the ability to create life everlasting.

When the Moon's candle is lit in the sky it is because of our undenying fire within, a fire that refines the immortal spirit. This fire lights a torch passed on to us throughout generations, paid for in blood wombs and reflected in blood moons. Asé! This is the nature of life, no matter who you are or what you've done.

We can pretend that this is only for some, but we rob ourselves by doing this. When your cup is ever full, there is no need to rob another. However, those who have not understood this have painted the Moonlight and the Daughters of Life (the Womb keepers) in ways that turn us against ourselves and our heritages time after time, cycle after cycle. This gives them a false security against the wild nature within. However, today we grow in the wisdom that the Moon/Womb is always full somewhere. When we take responsibility for this ability to respond, we create from the life that still lives and has never died, the Ancestral light that illuminates from within, the force of recreation.

Our Ancestors are with us always waiting to enhance our charge, who do you think kept the light on while you tried figuring out how it glows? We've all done this, searching for the source of the glow, that too is the nature of life. Now that we know that this light is our own to shine, we can call on our Ancestors to guide us in lighting up what we want and need for our lives! In doing this, they live forever and we live forever as the expansion of the glow.

In doing this we are abundant with Moon-e, Moon energy, Womb energy: recreation. Waste not, want not, this is the fullness of the Womb that we are reminded of by the Moon. Some may want us to believe that the Womb is more of a wound that is perpetually broken or triggered, that we are shot down and left bleeding out on the ground, but we now see things much clearer (bars :))

Blood is proof of life, it is the proof that we still live through the night. The life of the Ancestors flows through our Wombs, their home. It is the Ancestral Realm.

Just as within many families, there is a "hidden" side to this. Things we know are there, but don't often acknowledge, usually because of confusion or pain. Some like to call it the shadow; however, this side holds a light and charge as well. It has the ability to make or break just like the other side of us. This side often feel starved as it is shunned so frequently in favor of the side we often happily reveal. Sometimes while waiting for the light, the starving, less favorable elements rise in attempt to steal the shine knowing that we don't want them to resurrect. It will not be ignored and is determined to never die.

These parts of us try to eliminate the parts we have accepted as "good" in fear that someday they could be done away with and replaced by the "good". This gets a lot of us twisted at times, let's be real. We begin a war with our inner selves, our ancestors, and no one wins this war. However, once we know that we are ever full and choose to love the entirety of what we were, are, and will be there is no longer a need to fight this. We stop competing with our past selves and love them as we love ourselves now; these parts of us won't know love until we give it.

Competition is an illusion and an unnecessary coup schemed up by the unhealed parts of humanity to slow revolution in order to leave parts of ourselves unattended and vulnerable to be controlled by those afraid of the full bodied nature of life. It drives parts of us into the illusion that they are justifiably better than other parts and no longer responsible for their entirety as if this is a realistic choice, rather than illusionary bondage. Yeah, I'm talking about the supposed "good" side of us that has justified the idea of extinction of our other halves. The one stuck in la la land thinking she can bippity boppity boo herself in half but still be whole. How could there ever be a better half without this betrayal mentality? (Cue every sister vs. sister battle known to man).

Ms. Goody Two Shoes tried to change her black and white spots and pretend she doesn't have four hooves. She tried to keep her realness discrete and now she has two left feet and her other half has all the right moves.

This must be understood within our thoughts, lineages, and our world so that none are left behind, but are instead refined instead of defined as unworthy. These parts of us that are hidden have learned to survive in the roughest of times the best way they knew how and are an asset to insure we never stop believing. These are like the Ancestors that never quite found the way to love in the light during their last lifetime. We have the ability to send them some love; we don't have to judge or wish them away when the familiar side of the moon goes dark. That's their time to shine in the hidden realms, let them burn bright. They too are family-ar. They too have wisdom to share.

It is only the best of times and worst of times when we refuse to revolve. The light force energy reaches all and it is our choice of whether to use it and what to use it for. The half truth of Mother Moon and the Ancestral Womb is ready to be reborn and it takes the heart of a revolutionary to step up to the whole truth and their whole root.

Blessings upon blessings to the forgotten and Not Yet Ascended Ancestors. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You take on the parts of ourselves we deny, though they are also who we are. They weren't inherited as much as they were a vibrational match and on this day I acknowledge and respect your gangsta. Teach me your ways all of my days that I may be whole and only create from my wholeness. Asé! Aho! And It Is So!