The Dark Moon And The Strong Black Woman

She's seen so much and come so far. The strong black woman. Changing phases and faces

are nothing new to her; however, this doesn't mean she came to be strong for you. People flock like moths to flame when the strength of a woman comes forth. It's almost as if they think they've found a savior of sorts, one to carry part of the burden or show them the way. They want a lullaby sung and a happy ending when she appears as if they have some right to her essence.

Who was it that showed this woman her way? It's well known that she has made a way for themselves. If you are to learn anything from her it is to sustain yourself even when it seems most unsustainable. Strength is not a bottomless well that is never replenished. It takes looking all of your selves in the eye to achieve this. After performing such a masterful work of self, for herself, how dare we ask this Dark Queen to add our load to her chariot as well?

The short answer is we don't. We salute her when we pass her on our journey to our own strength, respecting that it was she who paved the way. Buried within her ashes is her light that is hers alone. This reminds us all that we have the same within us, if only we will face the phases and faces of our selves as she has.

Was she burned, snuffed out or cloaked? Where does this darkness come from? Black beauty of the night became the dark that she once feared, and now do you act as if you fear her when she won't usher your demons and tells you to deal on your own, will you condemn her in your heart as if she ever owed you to begin with?

Silly rabbit! Tricks are for kids and she is Black Girl Magick. You can't tell her who to be to satisfy your need, she owes you nothing. Confirmed time after time, through seasons and reasons, she is that she is and she is not here for you. She will forever be a beacon of a love many can't handle, one not meant for the faint of heart who are always looking to probe her with light. She is depth, she is wealth, the embodiment of every aspect of self when the time has come for a truer look at who we are and all the we can be. Even still, she is not yours, but her own and an effortless example of mastery of self love.

New Moon photo from Wikipedia